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此外,本卷也收录了宝崑从未发表的笔记《Random Thoughts on Detention》,披露了他人生最低潮时体悟到的希望和心灵自由,让读者全新认识宝崑深刻的人生观。


The Complete Work of Kuo Pao Kun (Volume 8): Interview
editor: Tan Beng Luan

Volume 8 is a collection of interviews with Kuo Pao Kun over the last forty years in both Chinese and English languages. The interviews were conducted by Singapore and foreign media, as well as research scholars. In accompaniment, the dialogues in which Kuo participated at various forums are provided. Through this article, readers can reminisce and re-live the essence of Kuo's inspiration, thereby gaining a deep understanding and appreciation of how his perspectives towards culture and the humanities been shaped and evolved in the passage of time.

The collection is divided into four categories: feature interviews, minor interviews, dialogues and oral history interviews. The feature interviews revolve around Kuo's arts and cultural aspects, as well as his life. The minor interviews focus on Kuo's views during the media's coverage of arts and culture-related topics. The dialogues are edited recordings of Kuo's participation upon invitation at forums. It is noteworthy that the oral history interviews are based on two interviews conducted by this series's chief editor, Prof Quah Sy Ren with Kuo and his wife between April and May in 2002. It touched mainly on Kuo's reflections during the 80's — Kuo's quotes late in his life, exclusively released by this publisher.

In addition, this volume comprised notes by Kuo, Random Thoughts on Detention, never before published, that depict his revelations regarding hope and freedom of the soul during the darker days of his life. It is hoped that reader can have a new understanding of Kuo's deeper life perspectives.

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ISBN 9789814322638 (平装): S$25 / US$16

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